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One Stop Hip Hop with Callum Watson

All about the heat and representing the local streets, from Burn City to Bris Vegas, from Perth on the Mainland to Perth in Van Diemen's Land, Sunshine to Syd City, all corners of the map uncovered and brought to the spot light! One Stop Hip Hop week in week out aims to deliver the best and latest from all around Australia and our continuously evolving Hip Hop scene as well as deep diving into the foundations of the culture archiving and sourcing everything one mixed cassette, cd and drop of wax at a time! From the beats and rhymes, singles and albums dropping to the dusty records and rewound tapes, it's hard to say what's going to be spun but be sure there's always something for your ears to hone into and discover, let me take you for a ride to the last stop you'll need for hip hop, your conductor of sonic streams going by Watto, the cool cats out there calling me Cal, I live & breathe Hip Hop having spent the early foundations of my youth obsessed with the culture not taking long for my love to be recognized locally after a work experience placement got me a slot on Seymour FM 103.9 in 2013, rarely missing a week since representing Australian Hip Hop & Rap on the airwaves and beyond.

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